Thursday, August 18, 2011

Care Bear Massacre Cake!

I first saw a tutorial for this on Pinterest, and now I have no idea which website it was.  So I do not know who to give the credit for this.  But it is AWESOME, and so much fun!!  All you need is 1 box of white cake, water, oil, eggs, food coloring, and as many smaller bowls as you have colors.  Let the fun begin.  I took pictures of pretty much every step along the way to make things super easy for the novice baker... sort-of like me. :)  Here ya go.

Start with the essentials.  I went with the 4 egg white option.
 Add in your oil, eggs, and water.
 Mix them all together.
 Divide the mix into as many bowls as you will have colors.
I mixed red & blue to have purple for my 5th color! <3
 The more food coloring you put in, the darker the color will become.
 I love how they all look, sitting there all happy, and just waiting to get baked and eaten!
 Now, randomly plop all your colors in your cake pan.
I think it looks like the food in the food fight scene of the Robin Williams movie 'HOOK'.  

 Happy, colorful, dirty dishes.
 I wasted a lot only using 1 knife to mix all the colors.  So to stop this, use different utensils for each color.
It's getting there!
 Hot from the oven!

Another tip---  If you ever use whipped frosting, do not try to ice a warm cake.  It will not get all melty and yummy looking, it will separate!  I got whipped by mistake.  Next time I will definitely pay more attention when picking up frosting! 

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