Monday, October 29, 2012

New chapters and experiences

These past months have brought many, many new things with them.
Travels, smiles, hugs, tears, excitement, stress & happiness to name a few.  Spending summer at home with family was great!  Surprising my mother with an early arrival was great too!  Traveling cross country with 2 dogs for over a week in a small car.... Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The experience... awesome.  Would I do it again?  In a heart beat!  The time on my own, with the open road ahead of me, was amazing.  The feeling of true freedom, and independence is right there.  Do what you want in the time you want, when you want to do it.  Probably the only thing I would change is the car.  To a slightly larger one, making things just a bit more comfortable.  But all in all, a great experience that not everyone can say they have had the chance to take.  Although I am sure Gracie & Jetta, our two Italian Greyhounds have a different opinion of the trip.

Speaking of... The girls are doing great.  They love the new house, and rubbing and rolling around on the carpet.  They were even more excited when the furniture got here.  No more sleeping on the floor.  They also have a new (foster) sister.  Daisy.  A fun and wonderful girl.  She really is a hoot, and keeps us laughing, they all do.  The yard is also a big deal around the house.  A nice high fence that gives them the freedom of the outdoors for running, barking at leaves and squirrels, ohh, and potty time!!  Recently it has started getting cold out.... winter is coming if you didn't know.  This is not something we are used to and we all are having mixed feelings about this.  It is def time to pull out those boots and heavy sweaters.  And yes, G&J have sweaters, and little boots for the winter!  And they are more than happy to share with their new sister.

Meet Sweet Daisy--  Available for adoption through IGCA Rescue, Nebraska Chapter.  Contact Mandi at for more information on Daisy.

In other news, I have secured a seasonal job at Bath & Body Works.  Its been a couple years since I have held a job, but I'm sure I can get back in the swing of things.  Plus, it's only through the Holidays, right?  Well, I am hoping to be hired on Part Time after the season has passed.  We'll see what these following months bring as far as the job goes.  I know the extra pocket money will be nice!  Woo Hoo SHoooooooopiiiiiing!!  Also something new around here.... my new haircut! I absolutely love it.  I'm not a Miley fan, but if you have seen her new hair.... well, I loved it, and had to get the same look.  It is super cute, edgy yet girly.  I am totally in love with it.

The husband is also back in my arms, and in my bed every night.  It is SOOO much better having him around again.  Not only is he back home, but I have someone to take out the trash, and pump gas for me!  Although I will admit it does feel good being independent as far as making sure everything is taken care of.  But at the same time, the support of a Spouse is unmatched by anything else.

I am also thinking about friends and family on the Eastern Coast who will be affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Stay Safe!

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