Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm still alive!

  You would think with the huge gaps in my posts that I was super busy... or dead. Luckily I'm still here, but not so busy.  Just boring.  Let's get caught up shall we.  I recently had my 27th Birthday. It did not feel like a Birthday does when you are 9 and you are so excited about growing up, and having a party with all your little friends, and presents, and being able to do whatever you want because it is you special day.  It was just another day that I just so happen to get hundreds of Facebook post! lol  Growing up is not at all what you think it would be when you are a child.  Although I would rather be an adult than go back to my youth, I think Birthdays should be made a huge deal of! 

  In the past month we adopted the most adorable, loving, funny, beautiful Meyers Parrot named Indigo.  He is 17yrs old, and just sooo much fun I can hardly stand it!  In the morning he whispers 'pretty bird, pretty pretty bird'.  And says 'hello' when he is ready for you to let him out of his cage.  My dogs are doing pretty well with him coming into the house.  Jetta is already ignoring him and his cage.  Which is just awesome.  For safety though the girls go to their room so Indigo can have out of cage time with me.  As much as I would like to I just can not trust that they will leave him alone and not want to chew him up.  But we have worked out a schedule and I think it is pretty fair for all involved.
It is so much fun having a Parrot, especially one that talks, but remember that birds are a lot of work, and are very sensitive to many many things that you use everyday.  So please do the research before bringing any bird into your home for their very long life.  Many Parrots live to be 50-80 years old.

  We also applied with the local Greyhound rescue to become a foster home for a retired racing Greyhound.  We had our home visit where they come to your house and make sure it is a safe environment for one of their dogs to be housed till they are adopted to a forever home.  We were approved, and are now on the foster listing, and just waiting for a Grey that is small dog friendly.  Many are not since sight hounds have a prey drive, and like to chase small animals including small dogs, cats,  rabbits, etc.  Gotta make sure and keep everyone safe and sound.  We are both very excited about having a big Grey in the house.  

  This past weekend was a great one.  The hubby and I went South Saturday and enjoyed some nature.  We climbed around some very dangerous looking cliffs, and hiked around Point Lobos for a few hours.  Sunday we aired up our bikes and hit the Monterey bike path.  We went out to Pacific Grove from Seaside.  The round trip was approx 30 miles!!  I know, we are both nuts!  I must say that even though I had loads of fun... I need a better seat on my bike.  It is not the most comfortable thing at all!  But we had fun, and the entire weekend was just amazing!!  I am so lucky to have such a great man for a Husband, and best friend.  

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