Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pin Feathers, Psh

These past few days have been a bit frustrating.  We had brought Indigo our parrot to the vet for a general exam.  He ended up getting put on antibiotics.  I had no idea how difficult it was to administer medication to a bird.  Let's hope I do not have to do it ever again!  Today is day 5 or so of his 10 days worth!  Oy  For those of you that do not know this... when you give meds to a bird, it is always liquid, and you have to get your bird wrapped in a towel to give it to them.  Unless you have an amazing bird who will just sit there and take it willingly.  I do not have that luxury!

Luckily I am getting better, and faster at getting him in and out.  But the little guy is still mad at me! lol  Hopefully a few days after he is done this round I gain his trust back and he forgives me.  It is truly heart breaking to have your pets hold a grudge like this!  But I am doing it in his best interest.  So that helps me a little bit cope with putting him through the whole thing.  Us 'Moms' are always the bad guys!

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