Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Childhood memories: what are your favorites?

Tonight I was having a hard time to sleep.  So what do I find myself doing.... Stumbling through craft sites, and chatting on Facebook to my friend Amanda about childhood memories.  Makes my mind float back and forth about the random things I remember from a young age.  For instance I remember one winter day when me and my family still lived in New England. It was my last winter there... I was in the 7th grade.  It was a school day, and I decided I did not feel good.  My school let me call my Aunt Rose to come get me because we could not reach my parents who were working.  She came and picked me up, doted on me, and all of a sudden I felt all better!  My cousin Jeniffer and I walked to the store for some reason, and we goofed off in the huge snow piles.  I do not remember details, but I remember having fun on our walk to the store.  There are pictures somewhere that we took, and I have never laid eyes on.  I should ask her about finding them so I can share.

I also remember when I was very young my Mem (my Mothers Mother) lived on the 10th (top) floor of Senior Citizen High Rise, at the very end of the hall directly out front of the elevator.  Every time we went to go visit, my brother, sister, and I would race all the way down the hallway to see who could get to her door the fastest.  Most times she would be outside her door waiting for us with open arms, and the biggest most loving smile I have ever known.   She always had a little glass candy dish full of Mentos, and she always had the pink ones (my favorite).  I thought she made the best pancakes ever, she always had coloring books, and if she thought you got out of line she would make sure you knew it!  Not that I ever got in trouble. :/

One xmas, I believe I was in the 7th grade in this memory also... my parents, and siblings went to Ky to visit friends for the holidays. I did not want to go, and I got to stay with my Aunt Rose, and Uncle Derek.  At this time they lived on the 3rd floor, and they had a real tree for xmas.  When it came time get rid of the tree instead of carrying it down the steps, and having to clean up the mess the branches left... we both thought it would be a good idea to shove it out the window! I will never forget the sight of a tree falling 3 stories landing in a big thud!  Good thing it did not hit anyone!  I also remember him letting me watch scary movies at their house because I was not allowed to watch them at home! But we'll keep that between us.  ;)

That's all for now. Please, feel free to share a favorite memory or two from your life. We like it when people share!

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