Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh the anxiety!

To be totally honest, I am not the type of person who has a fear of going to the dentist. Seriously, I even look forward to going in and getting a good cleaning. Nothing better, except for the feeling of new socks, and that ridiculously proud moment you finish a craft. But Tuesday I have an appointment to get a root canal. :\ Not looking forward to it, but at the same time I can't wait. Too long ago I had a filling fall out, and as it held on for dear life, it took a small piece of the tooth with it.

I had a bit of pain, but nothing too bad. And after a little bit it did not bother me. And all was forgotten. Except for every once in a while I would get a pain, and I would say "I have got to go get this fixed" and then forget again. Recently I have been in so much pain because of the tooth I made an appointment, they took x-rays and he tells me I need a root canal, an at least one tooth. I have waited so long that it has started to affect the tooth next to it. :\

So Tuesday I will be going in and letting them drill into my face! oh dear! As much anxiety I have built up because of this, I am equally looking forward to being able to eat on both sides of my mouth and not have to worry about something being too cold to drink, or those chips stabbing me in my tender little broken tooth. *sigh* Soon I will be back to normal! YAY

So remember me Tuesday afternoon as I will be laying in that chair, with a drill in my mouth, and very possibly squeezing the stuffing out of the arm rest... or some poor nurses hand! Oy!

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