Saturday, January 29, 2011

My wonderful Saturday

This morning my husband and I wake up with no specific plans for the day ahead. Eat breakfast, mull around like an old couple, play with the dogs, I try to sneak back to bed (which was quickly interrupted). And I am told that I have a surprise in store for me... and that I better get up, and get ready. I am the type that LOVES surprises, but does not want to wait for them. I like the idea of being surprised, but I want you to tell me what it is now. I also am the type that is not very good at keeping surprises, well, a surprise!

We get dressed, and ready. Pile into the car, and head out. I quietly ask 'so where we going?' in hopes he will spill the beans like usual! It did not work. :/ Anywho... we are traveling down the road, and he says 'There it is', I look up, and what do I see?!? A familiar blue hood over the shop windows, and white lettering. We pulled into the GOODWILL STORE! Wahoo! My lovely man had found another Goodwill that I was not aware of, and took me treasure hunting!

My day was awesome just knowing that he had put the thought into finding it, keeping it a secret, and not complaining to leave while I dug around! I left there with an awesome Moroccan style lamp. (for $3 I might add) Being the crafty crafter I am... the first thing that goes through my mind is 'How can I change this?' I honestly think I like it just the way it is... for now anyways.

After we decide that we are both ready to go somewhere else, we agree to go to the nearest shopping center. Which we often tend to do, and window shop. We swing by the theater to see what is playing. Many titles that I personally have not heard of because we have not had cable in about 4 years.

We decide to go in and watch 'No Strings Attached' with Natalie Portman, and Ashton Kutcher. But not before sharing a 'Love it' sized Cotton Candy Ice Cream from the ColdStone Creamery neighboring the movie theater. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. In my mind it was done in good taste, and had me laughing, and even crying. I strongly urge you, and your significant other to go see this Rom Com together!

After leaving the movie, we head on over to the Ross store near our home. So many great things in that place. I purchase a wonderfully adorable teal colored porcelain elephant. He is my new favorite piece of decor in our home. My wonderful husband at this point has made his way next door to Borders Book Store. And if anyone knows him like I do... you know he could spend hours in a book store, and not buy a single book! I usually dread going there with him, but today was different.

I was not going to complain, or even just hold it back. I was going to enjoy our visit there. Rummaging through the clearance area, making my way over to the crafting section of the store, I find myself sucked into these wonderful books. For the first time ever in a book store, my husband said to me 'I'm ready to go dear' and I was not!

Before we knew it we had spent the entire day at the thrift store, watching a movie, sifting through goodies at Ross, and then books at Borders. Today was a good day in my book, and I cherish every moment I have to share with my wonderful husband. He does so much for me. I love you dear. <3

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