Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dogs... You gotta love 'em!

Tonight was a lazy cooking day for me as I just popped a pizza in the oven. Although it was a DiGornio Stuffed Crust Pizza, and amazing... still not much work. I put the pizza on a pan, slid it into the oven, and walk out of the kitchen. Jetta, who is 10 years old, and very food driven I could hear jumping up to see what was on the counter top to snatch. I left the box, cardboard, and plastic on the counter. Upon reentering the kitchen, the cardboard, and plastic was on the floor. I wonder how that happened. :/

When it came time to eat, we sit at the table with out pizza, and yummy Salt & Vinegar chips. Mmm. I dare you to give a wild guess as to who is under the table hoping for something to fall so it can quickly be snatched up... uh huh, that's right... Jetta! She was very attentive to us for the duration of our meal. Even Gracie thought it smelled good enough to walk over to the table, and watch us eat it. Now keep in mind that I usually do not give in to them, they were just so cute, that neither of us could help but give them a little snack. They even ate the S&V chips with no hesitation!

Those are my girls. I love them, and would not trade them for anything. <3

And here is Jetta in her cone of shame. Look at that face... you can just see the evil ooozing out of her. You say you can't see it?! Look closer... she will steal your pizza with no hesitation, and knock over your trash can! Keep a look out for the cute ones. They are the ones that will take the food right off your plate, and lick the dirty dishes while they are still in the dish washer! Look at that evil little face... I just want to hug her! Matter of fact, that is what I am going to go do right now. Go cuddle with my kids, and husband! Goodnight.

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