Saturday, July 31, 2010

My new life, as a Military wife...

It has been 12 days since my husband has left for BMT... Last night I was lucky enough to receive a phone call from him. It lasted an entire 4min 11sec! In which I cried like a baby after. Just enough time to get his address, to find out he is OK, and to say I love you... no time for chit chat. I look forward to his next call. Hopefully that one will last longer.

When I thought about this time I would be here at home, and he would be away, I knew I would be lonely, and things would be so different from the norm... but this is ridiculous! I am dealing with the lonely, but am having a hard time dealing with the QUIET! I find myself turning up the music at, or sleeping! It also amazes me how used to doing things you can get. Even though he has been gone for almost 2 weeks, I find myself reaching to adjust the shower head, or the mirrors in the car. It's the little reminders like that of him that make me smile, and think of him through out the day.

For those moments I find that I have nothing to do, or am just feeling too lazy to do my chores... I write to him. I really enjoy writing to him. I mailed out his first envelope today. Everyday for the past 12 days I have sat down multiple time through the day and wrote to him, about what I was doing, what the dogs are doing, how work is going... He will def have plenty to read until his next one gets to him.... it is 12 pages, hand written front and back! I sure hope he enjoys getting filled in on everything I happen to be doing, and how much I love him!

As of right now I am looking for a special something I can craft up for him that he will appreciate when we are together once again. I really have my work cut out for me. He is interested in so many things, it's just finding the right thing, and deciding on the right project, and going about it.

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