Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Enjoying Vacation

Ahh, Vacation. It has been too long since we last met! Yesterday Taylor and I decided to hit the country roads, and snap some photos of the beauty we came across. We tend to do this every so often, and we always have fun doing it... no matter how hot it is outside. Yesterday we found ourselves in a mostly dry river bed. But there were plenty of things to look at, take pictures of, and a whole lot of Butterflies. Enough jabbering, onto the pictures! You would be surprised at how much fun you can have at the end of a country road, in the hot sun, bugs all over the place, and sweating like a pig. But when you are with the person who makes you forget about all the bad things... its actually quite easy to have mounds of fun!

When we decided we had enough of the river bed, we drove on over to see the Winchester Cemetery which neither of us had been before. Looking at all the old, forgotten head stones it really gets you thinking about who these people were, where they had been, and what they had done in their lives. People they loved, and loved them. While we were there we kept hearing this awful noise, turned out to be adult birds feeding their young. They made the most terrible racket, and those young birds never kept quiet. Over all yesterday was a good day.

Today Taylor and I are preparing for the near future, and made sure that I was on all of our billing accounts so that I can make the necessary arrangements when it comes time to move, and in doing so reminded me just how close his ship date actually is. This will be very hard for me as we have been together about 4 years, married 9 months this month, and see each other every day! We enjoy being in each others company, and I dread these upcoming months we will have to spend apart. Although I know he is doing this to make something of himself, and take care of me. I cant help but be a bit selfish, and wish I could go with him.

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