Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Military life!

Hello all!
I would like to start out by introducing myself. My name is Kelly, I am 26 years old, currently living in a hole in the wall town somewhere in Kentucky. I am starting this blog to document my new and upcoming life style as an Airman's Wife! The ups and downs of Military life, Marriage, and life in general. I will also be using this blog to share my emotional reaction to all involved, how I keep myself busy, and the eventual crafting endeavor. Sharing stories, photos, and bragging on my wonderful dogs, that are like my children.

My husband Taylor leaves for Basic Military Training (BMT) in 14 days. Today is the start of our 2 week vacation together, and time has definitely ran up on us! For the next 2 weeks we plan on spending time with our families, and friends before the dominoes start falling, and our lives are in the hands of the United States Government. Which I must admit, we are both looking forward to the change, and look forward to traveling to new places, and meeting new people.

BMT will last for 8 weeks, when that is done and said with, I will get to visit with him for what I can gather only over a single weekend during graduation. :( After that, on to Tech School. My husbands job in the USAF will be "Airborne Linguist" provided he does well in his classes. Which I have no doubt in my mind he will do very well, and pass with flying colors. His Tech School is located in Monterey Bay California where we will be able to live together for approx 1 year.... Yes, yes, I know... you are green with envy. I would be too. But until I get to move to the West Coast , I am stuck here, in Kentucky.

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